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Can you explain what a paper cut is?


Rob’s papercuts are original pieces of artwork. Rob begins by drawing his design directly on to a very fine paper. Once the picture is drawn the lines are cut by hand using scalpels. The paper cut is then coloured using spray paint before sticking to a backing board ready for framing.


Can you explain what a lasercut is?


Rob’s lasercuts are created from an image which Rob has drawn. The image is programmed into a machine and using a fine laser the machine etches out the design from the paper; burning away sections until you are left with the image cut from the paper. Rob produces his lasercuts as editions so there will be multiples cut out and these are then signed and editioned by Rob.


What is the difference between a screenprint and a laser cut?


Rob’s screenprints are created from his papercuts, these are transferred onto a silk screen using a UV light and photosensitive emulsion. When the UV light shines on the screen the papercut blocks out the areas which the ink is to be passed through. The screenprint is created by placing paper underneath the screen and pushing ink through the screen using a squeegee. This is all done by hand in Rob’s print studio. Rob’s screenprints are produced as editions which are then signed and numbered by Rob. To get a better understanding of how we screen print please see our blog post all about it here.


What is the best way to frame a laser cut?


Our lasercuts have always been displayed unmounted and simply pinned to the wall or hung. Rob always saw these pieces in this way. However we understand that for most people this is not practical and they want to protect and preserve them. If you are looking to frame your lasercut we recommend taking it to your local framer for advice, they can discuss the best options with you. In the past our customers have opted to mount the lasercut in a box frame or between two sheets of glass or Perspex. Readymade frames are also available from most department stores and art shops.


Can I arrange a visit to the studio?


Unfortunately due to our busy work schedule we are unable to offer studio visits. We try to involve all our followers, fans and customers by posting what we get up to in the studio and any projects we are working on, along with photos onto our social media sites, which you can follow without signing up!


What is the difference between licensed product and studio products?


Licensed products:


Rob worked with the company Wild & Wolf to create a range of items, which which were in production for a number of years up until 2016. Rob worked closely with W&W to design each new product and W&W looked after the production and distribution of the range. The collaboration with W&W enabled us to meet the high demand for Rob’s work and products and was widely available in high street retailers and gift shops.


Studio Products:

Our studio products are produced within our London studio and nearly always made by hand. Our ceramics are hand screen printed and fired in our kiln. We also screen print our zines and limited edition prints here at the studio.


Do you offer a framing Service?

Unfortunately we do not offer a framing service, some of our prints are available to buy framed directly from our online shop if you are interested in a particular artwork please email info and we will let you know if we have this in stock as a framed print.

We are happy to recommend our framer Pauli Frames who can deal with your requirements directly.