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'Our Sub Atomic Love Story' Landscape Screenprint


Hand pulled 6 colour screenprint.

All prints are signed and editioned by Rob in an edition size of 20.  

Printed on Somerset Satin 410 gsm paper


'Imagine that a dewdrop was expanded to the size of the earth then the molecules inside it would only be the size of footballs and within each molecule there were tiny atoms with at their centre a nucleus

And each nucleus had an electron spinning around it at a 1000 million times each second. Then try and imagine that this nucleus was enlarged to the size of St. Paul's cathedral. Then the electron flying around it would only be the size of a bumble bee.

I would never claim that my love for you was as high as a mountain or even as deep as the sea because now I know it is much, much smaller than that

Since I became the tiny electron to you. The nucleus of our single atom, I have realised that the invisible energy that holds our entire universe in place is your love.'


Paper size: 75 x 101 cm approx 

Print size: 63 x 83 cm approx

Please note: Due to their fragile nature, screenprints are non-returnable/refundable.


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