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'These Same Stars' Silk Scarf


This beautiful black silk scarf is the result of a collaboration between Rob Ryan and ethical accessories company NV London Calcutta.

The silk is hand-spun in a small village in West Bengal and then hand-screen printed in Calcutta using non-toxic inks. It is then hand-rolled by Murshidabad Women's Co-operative Group.



'Every night at the same time, I go outside to look up at the moon. I hold it tight and think of where you might be, a thousand miles away, looking up at the same night sky. I feel you in my heart thinking of me.

This same moon that looked down on my parents and your parents and all the parents that there ever were, looks down at us now still sharing it's light

These same stars and this same sky hang over both you and I, In our dreams and in my heart, they help us feel less far apart.'


2.5 metres x 73.5cm approx

100% silk


Scarf comes in it's own box with a screenprinted card signed by Rob.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash your silk scarf in luke-warm water with a mild silk detergent and cool iron. Alternatively, dry clean.


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